Recertified KODAK Cherish C525P Smart Video Baby Monitor

Recertified KODAK Cherish C525P Smart Video Baby Monitor C525P0US-R-RP
MONITOR YOUR BABY FROM YOUR PARENT UNIT OR PHONE APP: If you are in the next room or out in the garden, range is not an issue as you can monitor the baby from the included parent unit or the Kodak smartphone App.
HIGH QUALITY VIDEO - DAY AND NIGHT: Large Parent Unit with 5" high definition screen perfect for monitoring at all times of the day or night.
CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO: Adjust the volume, sensitivity or reduce background noise as necessary.
FLEXIBLE MONITORING: Includes battery powered Parent Unit, pan,tilt/zoom, room temperature sensor, split-screen for optional extra camera (pet, room or security) monitoring, two-way talk, soothing lullabies, sound/motion notifications and optional SD recording. Baby camera required to stay plugged in to operate all the time.
KODAK QUALITY GUARANTEE: 1 Year warranty included.
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